A Muslim Afghanistan Gets No Humanitarian Aid From Muslim World

UNHCR photo

Except one jew and a dwindling number of Sikhs, all Afghanistan’s estimated population of 30 million is Muslim — so good Muslims that even to this day they die and kill for Islam. Afghans are also one of the poorest, least developed and most-plagued-by-diseases nation on earth.

To mitigate the crippling impacts of war in Afghanistan — a war fought under the rubric of Islam — under the auspices of the United Nations, aid agencies called for US$500 million in humanitarian appeal for 2017.

As of August 20th, almost half of the appeal is funded and/or pledged leaving a huge gap in funding for critical live-saving programs.

The frugality of donors in opening up their hearts and pockets to alleviating the sufferings of millions of war-stricken Afghans may fall less baffling than the fact that all the funding given so far have come from non-Muslim countries and organizations.

According to this UN list of donors, the United States of America — a country many Muslims accuse of injustices and atrocities against Muslims — stands at the top of the donors list to the Afghanistan 2017 Humanitarian Appeal followed by the European Union and the Government of Japan.

The list does not mention name of a single Muslim country. While super rich countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are top in the world GDP rankings, they are not even at the bottom of a charity list for a brotherly Muslim nation.

This is not an exception only this year. For as long as Afghans have wreaked havoc in their country for the sake of upholding Islam, the humanitarian compensation for their Jihad is exclusively sponsored by the EU, USA and other non-Muslim countries and organizations. In Afghanistan, it’s become an unwritten rule that only Jihad, albeit in its most violent fashion, is aided by the Muslim Ummah, mostly the rich Arabs, and reconstruction and care to victims should arrive from the non-Muslim world. It appears that the Muslim rich only cares about the expansion of Islam, but he/she has no sympathy for the sufferings of their faith companions.

This year when almost two million Muslims congregate at Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, including the 30,000 Afghans, it might be useful for the Hajjis to think how could the US$30 billion they throw at the Saudis golden coffers every year be used to mitigate most-critical Muslim needs around the world.




Polyglot journalist

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Akmal Dawi

Akmal Dawi

Polyglot journalist

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